Coping with Childhood Cancer

Coping with Childhood Cancer

According to data published in the Indian journal of Cancer, approximately 45,000 children are diagnosed with cancer every year. The common cancers found in children are leukaemia, brain tumors, iumphoma, abdominal tumors, and muscle and bone tumors. Cancer is such a sensitive issue and when children are exposed to it, the cause of concern gets[…]


Chemical Pneumonia Strikes Delhi

Due to the harmful fumes from firecrackers, centre-run hospitals in the national capital have seen several cases of chemical pneumonitis post Diwali Along with worsened environmental conditions as a consequence, this Diwali also left officials of Ministry of Helath and Family Welfare concerned over cases of chemical pneumonitis emerging pot festival. Read More…

Sunburn, Dr Vikas Goswami

Dodge the sun to protect your skin from Sunburn

Sunburn is no fun Dr.Vikas Goswami, suggests that if you are going to spend time out-of-the-house on hot summer days, remember that sunscreen is your best friend. But it is likely that most of the times we forget to wear one. And the consequences can be dangerous. So if you think suntan is trendy and plan[…]