Dr Vikas Goswami, Navbharat Times, 16 July 2016

An Oncolgist’s Tips to Prevent Cancer

Cancer is considered to be a very serious disease which is caused due to a change in the DNA within the cells of the body. Dr. Vikas Goswami discusses about the cancer prevention in this article and suggests expert tips which help in prevention of cancer.


Are you at risk of colon cancer ?

Colon cancer is one of the common cancer in men and women in India.  It is a cancer of lower part of digestive system or large intestine. Cancer develops when cells grow uncontrollably and do not die like a normal cell. Although scientists do not know the exact reason behind this unusual behavior of cells[…]

lung cancer

Are you at risk for Lung Cancer ?

Lung Cancer is one of the most common Cancer worldwide. Symptoms can be chronic cough, blood in sputum, change in voice , weight loss or distant symptoms like bone pain or seizure etc. Most common cause of lung cancer is smoking. Smoking: In India apart from cigarette smoking other forms of smoking like bidi, Hukka,[…]