All you need to know about breast cancer

Identifying breast cancer causes can help doctors and health experts formulate techniques for treating it. Essentially, the disease begins at the tissues of the breast and the kind of breast cancer that one encounters is controlled by precisely which part of the breast is affected. Dr Vikas Goswami has listed some of the most well-known reasons for this disease perceived to date.

Cause # 1: Hereditary Factors

In spite of the fact that it has been realized that just 5 to 10 percent of harmful cells are inherited, several cases of ladies suffering from breast cancer have inherited them in the family.

Thusly, doctors have decided not to disregard this factor in terms of investigating this disease in wake of finding a successful cure.

Cause # 2: Genetic Mutations

Rather than inherited genes, genetic mutations are perceived as one of the significant reasons for this infection. This one can be the result of different environmental variables, for example, radiation exposure, which happens when a lady previously had a treatment or therapy.

Those ladies who went through any type of treatment that required their chest area to be exposed to radiation are more likely to develop breast cancer; even it occurred at a tender age. The risk increases for the ladies who have had such treatment during their juvenile years. Although it is not guaranteed that this will surely lead to breast cancer but it is definitely considered as one of the causes for breast cancer.

Cause # 3: Exposure to DES (diethylstilbestrol)

Pregnant ladies used to be administered with a medication called DES since it has been known to reduce the likelihood of premature delivery. But, recent studies discovered this causes the high risks of breast cancer for the pregnant ladies and the kid (particularly small girls) in the womb.

Cause # 4: Gender and Age

Doctors have proven that the risk of suffering from this disease progresses with your age. Accordingly, women above 50 years of age get a lion’s share of the tally for patients suffering from breast cancer.

Gender could also be a cause for it, since women are 100 times more inclined to having breast cancer when compared with men.

Cause # 5: Use of Birth Control Pills

Ladies in their premenopausal stage who administer contraception pills are at a higher risk of developing breast cancer. This sort of risk however is known to create short term effects and the risk is fairly small. Since studies are going on, it is best to counsel your doctor before using any type of contraception pills.

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  • When My grandmother was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer, she was completely broke. Firstly accepting that you have cancer is not easy at all, then gaining enough strength for treatment is also difficult. Thank you Dr. Vikas Goswami for saving my grandmother’s life. We had lost our hope, but your treatment procedure gave her new life and hope. She has improved a lot.

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