Sunburn, Dr Vikas Goswami

Dodge the sun to protect your skin from Sunburn

Sunburn is no fun Dr.Vikas Goswami, suggests that if you are going to spend time out-of-the-house on hot summer days, remember that sunscreen is your best friend. But it is likely that most of the times we forget to wear one. And the consequences can be dangerous. So if you think suntan is trendy and plan[…]

cancer preventive food

Effective cancer preventive diet

Cancer is so widespread, it causes more deaths in a year than TB, HIV AIDS and Malaria combined. Around 13% deaths in the world are caused by cancer. It doesn’t matter if there’s a history of cancer in your family or not. There are enough carcinogenic things in the world that can cause cancer to[…]

Ovarian cancer, Dr Vikas Goswami

Ovarian Cancer and its Risk Factors

Ovarian cancer is one of the most common cause of death among women with gynecological cancers. The most common reason for such high mortality is a late diagnosis of this disease. The disease has been labeled as  Silent killer as the symptoms don’t manifest till the disease has spread considerably  or because the  symptoms  masquerade[…]

green vegitable

Going ‘green’ to prevent Cancer

The accompanying list by Dr. Vikas Goswami may prove helpful for you in rousing your own particular well being program, and potentially acquainting you with a few herbs that will be remedial in case that you are already suffering from Cancer and wish to find a more natural alternative. Acerola (Malpighia glabra) is proving precious[…]


Are you at risk of colon cancer ?

Colon cancer is one of the common cancer in men and women in India.  It is a cancer of lower part of digestive system or large intestine. Cancer develops when cells grow uncontrollably and do not die like a normal cell. Although scientists do not know the exact reason behind this unusual behavior of cells[…]

lung cancer

Are you at risk for Lung Cancer ?

Lung Cancer is one of the most common Cancer worldwide. Symptoms can be chronic cough, blood in sputum, change in voice , weight loss or distant symptoms like bone pain or seizure etc. Most common cause of lung cancer is smoking. Smoking: In India apart from cigarette smoking other forms of smoking like bidi, Hukka,[…]


All you need to know about breast cancer

Identifying breast cancer causes can help doctors and health experts formulate techniques for treating it. Essentially, the disease begins at the tissues of the breast and the kind of breast cancer that one encounters is controlled by precisely which part of the breast is affected. Dr Vikas Goswami has listed some of the most well-known[…]


5 most common types of Cancers in India

Single word that is significantly more overwhelming than the death itself and gobbles up a person from within is Cancer. Consistently, around 800,000 new cancer patients get enlisted with the National Cancer Registry Program in India. About half a million deaths happen because of cancer and the situation is getting even worse day by day.[…]