Testimonials – Dr. Vikas Goswami

May 3, 2016

Ritu Saran

All hell broke loose on my family when we found out that my mother had breast cancer. There were no major symptomsfirst, until 1 day when she noticed a lump on the left side of her chest. It was painless, so my mother did not think it can be life-threating like cancer. But as months passed her body started to show other symptoms like rashes around the breast area and nipple discharge. We ran to the best hospital in our hometown. The condition at the hospital got us scared. Cancer patients were struggling for their lives we realised how bad this disease can get. We did not want our mother to get depressed in such a negative environment. A family friend said we should contact Dr. Vikas Goswami. He diagnosed the condition and started hormonal treatment and chemotherapy. It has been more than 7 months now. My mother’s health is improving. The doctor also gave vitamins and told that herbs andspecial diets can help my mother. Other treatments like acupuncture and massage are also helping my mother in getting better. The entire family is extremely grateful to Dr. Goswami for his guidance and support.

P K Gupta

I was 32 when I started suffering from frequent loss of concentration and severe headache. The condition continued to be like that for a couple of months, so I visited my family physician who prescribed stress relieving drugs. The medications provided some relief to the chronic migraines. However, I used to feel dizzy and exhausted every now and then. But things grew worse as I was put down with a seizure one day while at work. I was unconscious for 15 minutes and was rushed to the hospital by my colleagues. I was leaning into depression. My family was worried about my deteriorating health too. One of my family members feared it to be cancer and suggested consulting Dr.Vikas Goswami. Dr.Goswami observed my condition thoroughly and proposed an MRI test. To my shock, I had developed brain cancer. I went through radiation and chemotherapy for more than 10 months. It was very painful but my body responded well to the treatment. I am now cancer-free. The doctor also suggested me some preventive medicines to inhibit regrowth of cancel cells in my body. It has been around 1.5 years now and I am on my way to lead a healthy and normal life


I had some symptoms of breast cancer. Initally i was so scared of the disease as i knew that there is no cure of cancer but after consulting dr vikas goswami i got some relief as he diagnosed the disease and started proper treatment. He is nice person and a nice doctor. I am undergoing the treatment i hope i will get well soon.

Rimmi Sinha

I had consulted Dr Vikas Goswami for my grandfather’s treatment and I would say Dr Vikas is very experienced and Knowledgeable doctor. I had a very good experience while grandfather’s treatment. He is the best in surgery and cancer treatment. Thanks to Dr .Vikas Goswami.

Manali Sakuja

I would like to thank dr vikas for providing my grandfather their full support at every step. I was a little confused where to go for a treatment but treatment procedure was really commendable.