Privacy Policy

January 9, 2017 is owned by Dr. Vikas Goswami and by using this website you agree to our Privacy Policy which sums up our process of receiving and using your personal information which you supply to us through the use of this website.
We hold the right to update or modify this policy at any given point of time, at our discretion, in addition to any other policy or terms and conditions on this website.
As a medical professional, we understand that it is of utmost importance to protect the private information that you provide us by communicating with us on this website. This privacy policy has been formulated to help you understand the manner in which your information is collected and used on this website. This Privacy Policy shall be re-evaluated from time to time in order to ensure safeguarding your information.


Any kind of personal information is collected only when you voluntarily share it on the website. In case, where you need to generate a query or enquire more about our services or any other information related to cancer, we will need to collect your personal information such as name, contact details, email address, age etc. for the sole purpose of communicating with you.


We intend to utilize your information for the prime purpose that it was collected for and for any secondary purpose in synchronization with the prime purpose. If the information has to be used for any other purpose it must be disclosed at the time of collecting information. The copy of information shall be kept as a record by us. We collect complete information so as to provide optimum advantage for you to utilize our services.


We abide by this Privacy Policy and therefore expect you to read it through before using our websites or any other online services. Except for using your information for the primary purpose that it was collected for, it can be the case that we utilize or disclose your personal information where we believe it is necessary and unavoidable. We may use/disclose your personal information when there’s a need for identification, communication or for a legal action against any sort of damage done intentionally or unintentionally to our property, reputation or in other form. Also, we shall disclose your information whenever required by the law.
There can be situations where we collaborate with third parties on your behalf and to provide you the required services, so your personal information may be shared with the actual service provider.


We mean to ascertain the security and respect the privacy of your personal information shared with us through this website. We update our technologies from periodically to scrutinize and ensure that your information is secured. We put our best efforts to safeguard all the data transmissions made online consisting of your personal information. However, data transmissions on internet can’t be assured for its safety.


If you find any problem with the Privacy policy mentioned above or have any questions to ask, you shall contact us at the contact details given on the website.