Terms & Conditions

January 9, 2017


The Terms & Conditions define the rights and responsibility attached if you are using www.cancercross.in. We request you to kindly read it thoroughly as explained below:


The information provided on the website is for general awareness and to educate masses. Therefore, it shall not be assumed as medical advice to treat as such.


Cancer Cross reserves all the rights to determine whether who can access the website. Also, we can suspend or stop providing information or our services if we find that our policies have not been complied with.


We hold the right to monitor our website any time and modify the content to the best of our knowledge and discretion. We may have to make amendments as required by the law.


As already cleared in the Disclaimer above, you should not rely on the information on our website as an alternative to seeking professional medical assistance. We do not promote any medicine or other such resources through our website and no medication and treatment shall be assumed as a cure to a medical condition you are suffering from. We don’t hold responsibility for any such action taken on the basis of information displayed on our website without seeking medical assistance from our professional doctors.


We abide by the law. Therefore, our liabilities remain the same as per the governing laws.